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The Government through the Environment, climate change and Forestry Ministry has embarked on ambitious program of harnessing the natural capacity of wetlands to buffer communities against adverse effects of climate change and to boost adaptation and resilience across the country.

Speaking during her visit to the wetland areas in Marsabit County Environment, Climate Change and Forestry CS Soipan Tuya announced the government’s commitment to the wetlands restoration across the nation saying that loss of wetlands is associated with the greater adverse impacts on human, livestock, economic costs and ecologically.

Soipan said that at least 8,000 wetlands had been earmarked for restoration across Kenya.

She added that wetlands are globally key in carbon sinks through the storage of vast amounts of carbon and thus aiding in climate change mitigation.

She cited Kalacha Irrigation scheme as a perfect model that is currently used as a pilot case study.

The cabinet secretary said that to ensure that the program succeeds the government will employ workers known as green army to help with the ambitious greening program targeting to plant of 15 billion trees by 2030.

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