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The opening night of extraordinary imagery and virtual exhibition featuring the extraordinary works of acclaimed photographer Aize Muhammed Paul titled “Flares of Enthusiasm Dash Between” went down on June 16th, 2023 at Tribal Gallery. This exhibition is his fifth solo art exhibition opening in Nairobi. 

The event was a feast for the senses, immersing art enthusiasts in a world of captivating Aize Muhammed Paul’s creations – which are a fusion of vibrant colours, intricate details, and evocative themes. Another highlight was the virtual reality room, where attendees were transported into an immersive world, experiencing the artist’s creations in a whole new dimension.

The “Flares of Enthusiasm Dash Between” exhibition is ongoing and will conclude with a special closing day event on 2nd July. The Tribal Gallery and Aize Muhammed Paul deserve commendation for their remarkable contribution to the cultural fabric of Nairobi. The exhibition serves as a reminder of the transformative power of art, bridging gaps and fostering a deeper understanding of diverse cultures.

The opening night’s success has prompted Aize Muhammed Paul to unveil a series of new prints, which will be showcased at the Tribal Gallery on June 25th. Aside from the unveiling, there will also be a sound healing experience, card reading sessions, and music by June on the Moon. This event promises to be an immersive celebration of art, culture, and human connection.

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